A quick summary of Installation

Initial Installation:

Select your Operating Systems Featherlite binary from the list on the Downloads Tab: . After download, install the Feather client. Feather is made to automatically begin this process in your machines operating system.

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Initial setup

When you start up the Halo Platform Client for the first time you are walked through setup steps. The first step is about setting up a master password. Keep this password secure because it protects all your accounts. If you forget your master password there is no way to access your accounts again!

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After setting up master password you can either create a new account or import previously exported or ICO account.

An exported account is a Halo Platform Client-compatible JSON file that you get when you export an account from Halo Platform Client or the ICO Platform.

If you choose to import a Featherlite or ICO Account you will be prompted to load the account file from your system. You will then have to unlock it with the password it was set up with (note: this is not the same as your Featherlite Master Password)

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After creating or importing the account you are taken into Account Control.

Account Control

By default Account Control is locked, you have to type in your master password to unlock it and get access to the account list screen.

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You should always have one account set as “HaloPrime”. This account will be used by default in the Halo Platform Client interface and in all Dapps. You will see a star in the accounts list next to your Halo Prime Account. .

Client Selection:

Select the client mode you would like to run;

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The recommended or “Lite” version is cloud based and offers the current block as well as the previous 51 blocks off the chain. Lite Node offers a lesser draw on your machine than the Full Node selection.

Advanced or “Full Node” version is a local node and offers the current block as well as all other previous blocks on the chain. A full node can be used to check previous nodes and can use the geth console. Full nodes will also help with deploying contracts to the chain.

Account Creation

First thing is to create your master password.

Upon setting up your Halo account you will see the Dashboard screen, which gives you the latest Halo Platform news and also a brief snapshot of your primary account.

Screen Shot 2018 12 27 At 11 10 07 Am

You are now ready to use your Featherlite Wallet. Your wallet will look similar to the one pictured below, By simply clicking on the account card it will bring you to the screen to edit the name of your account.

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