Masternode Instructions

A quick summary of Masternodes

MasterNode Instructions

Scott’s Demo for running Masternodes:


Open Featherlite and enter your Master Password to unlock your session.

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Featherlite Account Controls

Next, ensure that your HALO Prime account is unlocked.

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Upon opening the Masternodes page you will see a navigation drawer on the right side of the screen.

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On smaller resolutions you will see a floating action button, clicking this will open the drawer as well.

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Select Masternodes from the drop down menu on the right and click the Add Contract link.

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If you already have a node started or want to track a specific contract address, you can select Manually Add and enter the address.

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Selecting Provision New will allow you to provision a New Masternode using Halo Platform. This will cost $19.99 a month as a service fee.

A Solely Owned masternode is 100% owned and funded by you.

A Multiple Owner is split among other funders and can be Private or Public. A Multiple Owner Private masternode must be 100% funded. A Multiple Owner Public masternode can be partially funded and will be listed on the Masternode Marketplace.

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Once you make a selection, depending upon your choice, you will have 1 or 2 options, Public or Private. Keep in mind, All Masternodes CAN be hosted by the Halo Platform.

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Private Node selection CAN be hosted by Halo Platform and have all 4 tiers available.

Create an alias to help distinguish between your masternodes. Select your desired tier from the dropdown and proceed to the next step.

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Masternode Options

Remember, for **Single Owner Private **and Multiple Owner Private masternodes, it is required that the Tier’s funding be 100% met.

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For Multiple Owner Private masternodes, you will have the ability to assign additional funding addresses with their corresponding funding amounts.

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To Withdraw from your masternode go to the top right of the Masternode Detail screen and select to withdraw funds. The masternode must be active and funded.

With the Monitoringscreen open the Masternode stats are displayed. As well as a loading bar that displays the sync percentage of the blockchain.

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Advanced Set Up For Consoles

Starting A Masternode

This guide will go over how to start a masternode using the command line binary.

CLI Commands Needed

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MN Address:

This is the public address of your Masternode's smart contract. You can get this value by looking at the detail screen of your masternode.

Current Address can be found in /params/config.go on line 39. Please look at master branch for this as that is what RAFT will be minting to.


You will get this when setting up your contract through the Masternode DAPP. This will be the unencrypted raw key.
You should put this in a file with no extra characters or new lines. Then the filename/path is what you give glo in order to use it.

Nat External IP:

This is the external IP of the server you are hosting glo on. You will need to pass this in so that GLO sends the correct IP with the ping call. Otherwise it could just sent localhost or and that would not work.

Setting Up The Contract:

Before you go to setup your contract you need to have a VPS or server hosted with a static IP. You will need the static IP when signing up for your contract.

  1. Proceed to the Masternode DAPP and create a new contract.

  2. Provision a new Self Hosted Private Contract.

3.On the final screen provide the IP you will be using to host your Masternode.

4.After creating the contract you will be given your pingKey and contract address. Save both of these.

5.Download the latest version of the geth/glo binary from our website and put it on your server.

6.Start the binary with the correct CLI Commands as shown above.

7.Make sure your ping updates on the Masternode Detail Screen in the Masternode DAPP.

Ping Requirements:

Reward To receive you reward your ping must not have missed your ping for 6 hours. If you have you will not get a payout from reward.


If your ping has missed being fired for 48 hours then your contract will be suspended and upon the next pass of Administration it will be terminated.

Running A Node:

Here is a guide to help you understand how to start a Glo node.

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Screen Shot 2018 05 24 At 4 25 02 Pm

Screen Shot 2018 05 24 At 4 25 16 Pm

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